Hi. I’m Heather.

I’m a writer of non-fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. I have an MSc in Ethnobotany, which is a hybrid degree in Anthropology (the study of human culture) and Botany (the study of plants). I have always been fascinated by the endless ways that plants are incorporated into every day life. I also take my job of mother to my son and daughter seriously (while making sure to not be too serious all the time).

I am a seeker of truth and a chaser of light, which must be why I love research, writing and photography. The more I learn and the more I see, the more questions I have and the more I want to explore.

I have explored how today’s modern diet is involved with chronic disease. Now I’m onto exploring the role of chronic stress in disease as well. Which is why I am an advocate for natural health, specifically in helping others to beat endometriosis and adenomyosis naturally.

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