Paleo Chili (mild)

Instead of beans, this recipe uses cubed butternut squash, to make a hearty, paleo chili that will appeal to your whole family. In order to make this recipe kid-friendly, I had to dial down the heat. So I use more paprika to round out the pepper flavor without adding spice. I do use a little … Continue reading Paleo Chili (mild)

Carrot-Parsnip Mash

I am always looking for alternatives to the standard boiled or mashed potato. Not that I don't love them! But they do have a high glycemic index and can cause some people inflammation. And if they aren't organic, they might be genetically modified. So instead I look to alternate root vegetables to get that carby-fix. … Continue reading Carrot-Parsnip Mash

Tapioca Pudding

A grain-free dessert that can also make a nice porridge for breakfast. Story This is the recipe on the back of the Bob's Red Mill package of tapioca pearls. It makes for a tasty dessert. You could also omit the sugar and add a ripe banana or two, plus some other fruit, nuts, and coconut … Continue reading Tapioca Pudding

Turnip Galette

A lovely lower-carb version of the classic French potato "cake." Story I thought this was a great idea when I saw the recipe for it in Saveur Magazine. Unfortunately, their recipe did not live up to my expectations. So I made my own version, based loosely on Julia Child's classic recipe, which uses potatoes. My … Continue reading Turnip Galette

Faux Pho

An Americanized, paleo, kid-friendly version of the original Vietnamese soup. Story The moment I first discovered Pho, I was in love. The authentic Vietnamese dish starts with a deeply flavored broth made from chicken or beef with star anise, ginger and cinnamon, adds thinly sliced beef or chicken, and rice noodles. Then its topped with … Continue reading Faux Pho