Grain-free Gravy or Mustard Sauce

A thick and delicious gluten-free grain-free gravy that is wonderful over pork (or any!) roast, and takes less than ten minutes to make.


I’m not sure where arrowroot falls on the paleo spectrum, but since its a tuber from a tropical plant, at least it is grain-free. When using standard flours as thickeners, you usually cook the flour in the beginning creating a roux. But cooking arrowroot too long will cause it to break up, so add it as a thickener at the end (like cornstarch). Adding some fennel seeds will give a little pop of licorice flavor.

You could easily substitute ground dehydrated mushrooms for the mustard and serve over beef, or sage and serve over turkey.


2 Tablespoons “fat” = butter, margarine, etc. In this case, I used the drippings from a pork roast.
2 cups homemade chicken stock
2 Tablespoons Dijon mustard
2 Tablespoons arrowroot flour
handful of fennel seeds (optional)


Bring fat, stock, fennel and mustard to a boil in a small saucepan over medium high heat. Reduce the heat to low. Create a slurry by placing arrowroot flour in a small bowl, then slowly adding a couple spoonfuls of the stock mixture, while whisking. Once the arrowroot is fully incorporated and there are no lumps, add the arrowroot mixture back to the pot and whisking until thoroughly combined. Bring the sauce back to a boil, the simmer for at least a minute, until the desired consistency is reached. Do not overcook, or the arrowroot will begin to break up and you will lose your gravy-like thickness.


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