Hans' Glögg

My father-in-law’s famous mulled wine recipe, Scandinavian style.


You will need to begin making this at least a day in advance to let the flavors meld. So plan accordingly!


1 pound raisins
1/4 pound (125 grams) blanched, whole almonds
5 cardamom pods
8 whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks
orange peel from two small oranges
1 pint of Akvakit or Vodka (optional)
3 bottles of your favorite red wine
1 liter port wine
lemon peel from 1/4 lemon


Place cardamom, cloves and cinnamon sticks in a cloth bag or cheesecloth.
The evening before you want to serve the glögg, place one bottle of wine, the spice bag, raisins, almonds and orange and lemon peels in a pot, and gently heat for 2 hours. Do not boil!
Let stand covered overnight at room temperature. This is your “concentrate.”
The next day, remove and throw away the spices and the orange and lemon peels. Set the raisins and almonds aside.
Before serving, add the rest of the wine and the vodka/akvavit (if using). Gently heat again, but again, do not boil. Serve warm with some raisins and almonds in each glass or mug.  Provide small spoons.


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