Nearly 200 Medical Conditions Associated with Gluten

This comprehensive list of medical conditions associated with gluten is from the highly referenced text, Dangerous Grains by Braly and Hoggan. Some of the conditions may be caused by gluten itself, and others may be secondary ailments that arise from a gut that hasn’t healed after gluten has damaged it. Called co-morbidities in the medical literature, many of these medical conditions associated with gluten can be life-threatening if left unchecked. If you suffer chronically from several of these disorders, there is a good chance that gluten is may play some role in your health.

Know of one that should be added to the list? Leave a comment below and tell us why – because of your own story, or because of a medical study you read – and we’ll add it to the list.


Abdominal distension/bloating
Abortions, recurrent
Adenovirus gastroenteritis
Addison’s disease (idiopathic)
Albumin and prealbumin, serum
Alkaline phosphatase, serum and bone
Allergic rhinitis
Alopecia areata
Anemia, folic acid deficiency, and iron deficiency
Angular stomatitis
Anorexia nervosa/ atypical eating disorders
Aphthous stomatititis/ulcers (canker sores)
Arthritis and other arthropathies such as arthralgia, polyarthritis (seronegative), juvenile               arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritisAsperger’s syndrome
Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Autoantibody production including: IgA anti-gliadin, IgG anti-gliadin, IgA antiendomysium (aka       intestinal transglutaminase enzyme), IgA (and    IgG) antireticulin, anti-      transglutaminase IgA and IgG, Anti-gastric inhibitory peptide cell,       antiduodenal secretin cell, anti-enteroglucagon cell, anti-thyroide microsomal, anti-      thyroid peroxidase autoantibodies, anti-gastric parietal cell, anti adrenal       cortex, anti-pancreatic islet cell, anti-cardiolipin, anti-single-stranded DNA,     anti-double-stranded DNA, anti-mitochondrial, cardiac-specific, IgG anti-cell adhesion       moelcule desmoglein 3 in pemphigus vulgaris
Axonal neuropathy

Berger’s disease (IgA nephropathy)
Biliary duct atresia
Bone diseases (see osteo–       below), bone pain, pathological fractures, elevated bone alkaline phosphatase,       elevated serum osteocalcin, and elevated uriary hydroxyproline excretion
Bullous pemphigoid

Calcium deficiency
Cancer, including Adenocarcinoma of small intesting, B-cell lymphoma, Bladder cancer, Brain cancer, Prostrate cancer, Squamous cell carcinoma pharynx and esophagus, T-cell lymphoma of small intesting,     and Testicular cancer
Canker sores
Celiac disease
Cerebellar or cerebral atrophy
Cerebral calcification
Cerebral syndromes such as headache, mental deterioration, and visual disturbances
Chest pain, non-cardiac
Cholangitis, primary sclerosing
Cholecystokinin inhibition
Chronic fatigue
Cirrhosis, primary biliary
Colitis (microscopic and lymphocytic)
Crohn’s disease
Cutaneous vasculitis

Dementia, intellectual impairment
Dental enamel lesions
Depressive illness/ depression
Dermatitis herpetiformis
Diabetes mellitus, insulin-dependent
Diarrhea, chronic
Down syndrome
Duodenal ulcers (antibiotic resistant)
Duodenitis (chronic)
Dyspepsia, esophageal reflux

EEG abnormalities
Emotional and behavioral disorders including irritability, impulsivity, depression, anxiety,       aggressiveness, and petulance
Esophagitis, reflux
Eustachian tube dysfunction
Exorphin/ opioidlike activity (gluten-induced)

Failure to thrive
Folic acid deficiency
Food sensitivities (soy, milk, MSG, etc.)

Gallbladder malfunction (impaired emptying, poor bile delivery, gallstones, etc.)
Gastric inhibitory polypeptide reduction (inhibition of gut hormone release from upper small       intestine)
Gastric ulcers
Gastritis (lymphocytic)
Gastrointestinal bleeding, occult (x-ray negative)
Gastrointestinal disorders including: abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting
Glomerulonephritis, IgA-mediated
Grave’s disease
“Growing Pains” in children
Gut hormone inhibition (secretin, CCK, e.g.)
Gynecological disorders including: Amenorrhea, delayed menarche, delayed puberty, early menopause

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
Heart disease: including ischemic, cardiomyopathy (idiopathic dilated), chest pain (noncardiac), pericarditis (recurrent)
Hepatitis, chronic active and nonspecific reactive
Hormonal/endocrine abnormalities including: elevated plasma testosterone, reduced plasma       dihydrotestosterone, elevated luteinizing hormone, hypoprolactinemia, growth hormone       deficiency, reduced secreting gut hormone blood levels.
Hypertransaminasemia (alanine and aspartate)
Hypoperfusion (frontal cortex of brain)

IgA nephropathy
IgG and/or IgA anti-gliadin antibodies elevation (serum)
Impotence/loss of libido
Infertility in both men and women
Inflammatory bowel disorders
Intellectual impairment/mental deterioration
Intestinal permeability, abnormal (leaky gut)
Intraepithelial gamma/delta T-lymphocytes (increased density in mucosal epithelium)
Irritable bowel syndrome

Kidney disease

Lactose intolerance
Leaky gut syndrome/ abnormal intestinal permeability
Lipofuscin storage (increased deposition in nerves, skin, and muscles)
Liver disease
Lupus (Systemic lupus erythematosus)
Lymphocyte reactivity
Lymphocytic colitis
Lymphocytic gastritis

Magnesium deficiency
Malabsorption including: low hemoglobin, reduced mean corpuscula volume, low vitamin B12, low folic       acid, chronic diarrhea/flatulence, weight loss with wasting, chronic fatigue
Malignancies (cancers and lymphomas)
Malnutrition (deficiences in iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins B6, B12, folic       acid, A, D, E and/or K)
Mast cell degranulation
Menarche, delayed (delayed by over 1 year)
Menopause, early
Mental symptoms and disorders including: inability to concentrate, mental deterioration, mental       lethargy, distractibility, intelligence deficits, dementia, down syndrome, ADHD, ADD, autism,       schizophrenia
Mesangial IgA deposits
Multiple sclerosis
Myasthenia gravis
Mycosis fungoides
Mycoclonic ataxia (progressive)

Nephropathies including: idiopathic IgA membranous, IgA nephropathy (Berger’s       disease), IgA glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria
Neurological conditions including: Ataxia/myclonic ataxia, axonal neuropathy, brain atrophy, cerebellar atrophy/cerebellar syndrome, epilepsy, hypoperfusion (frontal cortex), intellectual deterioration, multiple sclerosis, optic neuropathy, paresthesia, peripheral neuropathy, polyneuropathy, progressive neuromyopathy, Ramsay Hunt’s syndrome

Obstetrical disorders including: recurrent abortions, stillbirths, infertility,       subfertility, reduced time span of fertility, reduced pregnancy rate
Otitis media

Palmoplantar pustulosis
Pancreatic insufficiency
Papillary stenosis
Pericarditis (recurrent)
Pemphigus vulgaris (oral, esophageal, and anal lesions)
Premature graying
Presenile dementia
Prolactin (elevated)
Psychiatric symptoms including depression and anxiety

Ramsay Hunt’s syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis

Secretin release inhibition
Secretory IgA deficiency
Selenium deficiency
Sexual behavior disorders including decreased frequency of sexual intercourse, decreased satisfaction from sexual intercourse, and decreased libido
Short stature/growth failure
Sicca syndrome
Sjörgren-Larsson syndrome
Skin diseases including: bullous pemphigoid, chronic urticaria, cutaneous vaculitis, dermatitis herpetiformis, eczema, psoriasis, palmoplant pustulosis
Sperm abnormalities including oligospermia (reduced sperm count), abnormal sperm motility, abnormal       sperm morphology

Thrombocytopenic purpura
Thyroid disease (autoimmune) including hypo- and hyper- thyroidism
Turner’s syndrome

Ulcerative colitis
Urticaria/hives (chronic)

Villous atrophy
Vitamin deficiencies (Vitamins A, B6, B12, Folic acid, Vitamins D, E & K)

Weight loss/failure to gain weight

Zinc deficiency


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