PhD – not for me

So here I am. More than a year later, after pouring my soul into the pursuit of higher academic study, I’ve realized that a PhD just isn’t going to be for me. There was the big cross-country move that took place this summer and whose plans were put in motion almost a year ago. That took up way more time than I had. And we’re still not done settling into our new home.

Then there was the reality of logistics to consider, balancing time and money with being a mom and having a life. And besides, the return on investment is probably just not going to be worth it at this time in my life.  Combined with the fact that I hadn’t had luck in finding the right PhD program, I think it just wasn’t meant to be. I am somewhat saddened by this notion, but mostly for my ego. See, with a PhD behind my name, I thought maybe people would finally take what I say seriously. Maybe people would see that I am smart.  Maybe I would be invited to a table of thinkers who together work on moving things in the right direction for the greater good.

Instead, I will have to find another way to get my work out there. So I have been working on something else…. a book proposal. All that I have learned and written about over the past few years really should see the light of day, and I thought getting a PhD was the way to further my reach. But maybe it isn’t. Maybe publishing a book is the way, instead. And while I work on getting the full blown book finished and getting a literary agent and/or publisher, the more condensed version in e-book format is almost finished. I can’t wait to launch it soon. Stay tuned…


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