Product Review: Olives to Go! Portable Snack Cups

Are you looking for something healthy and fun for your child's lunchbox? I was delighted when I was asked to review this awesome new snack: olives in a convenient little snack pack, but without any messy juice! Or any added sugar, for that matter (like some of those fruit cups). Because they are plain, unadulterated black olives, they are of course naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan. They also happen to be cholesterol-free and non-GMO. This makes mommy proud.

My kids are olive lovers, so this works great for them, not to mention there are enough olives in each container for each finger on their little hands. 🙂 

Isn't it a cool idea for a lunchbox snack? Know what else is cool? You can also feel good supporting the company because Musco is a leader in environmental sustainability, being one of the cleanest burning biomass plants in California. This makes renewable-energy-analyst daddy, proud, too!

Right now, the company is offering a "Fun at Your Fingertips" photo contest where you can have a chance to win an iPad! Hurry over to their Facebook page to see the details!





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