Stuffed Pepper Turns Two!


Happy Birthday, my sweet gluten-free community. Awww. Its like we're using actual sentences and finally walking on our own!

I'm so proud of this fledgling community and I have a ton of gratitude for each of you who work tirelessly to help others and to help yourself achieve a better gluten-free life, not just at Stuffed Pepper, but in the community at-large. I'm especially honored to have the presence of our top 5 contributors. Please check out their amazing accomplishments by clicking on their pictures.

Dr Vikki Petersen       Tina Turbin           G-Free Foodie 

In addition to our super-smart Health Experts and our talented Star Chefs, our members really keep the website going. Whether by uploading their own recipes or reviews, or just by keeping the conversation going, there is always a way to contribute. Here's a shout out to our top 5 members as well:

Amanda on Maui    GFKimAZ         Glutenaway
    iLiveinmyLab chlevine

Thanks for helping Stuffed Pepper turn two. We couldn't have done it without you!

Happy Birthday Gluten Free Community! Now, let's all make a big wish!


xo xo