The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook. Elana Amsterdam

Almond flour! Its genius, really. It has a great consistency, a nice, almost sweet flavor, its low-carb and its totally versatile! Elana Amsterdam does an amazing job showcasing the myriad ways in which almond flour can be used not only to substitute for your favorite baked goods, but also in every day cooking. Buy it on Amazon!

The shrimp fritters with Thai flavors are delectable, and the smoked salmon-leek tart we enjoyed so much, that we had it for dinner and for breakfast! We also loved the olive-rosemary bread, which we were hoping to make into crackers (as per her suggestion) but the bread was devoured before it ever got to cracker-dom.

If you’re used to a buttery chicken piccata fried with wheat flour, her dairy-free, wheat-free version will totally impress. There is a great introduction explaining the ingredients that she uses, and why they are healthful and delicious. From pancakes to macaroons, and everything in between, this cookbook is a delightful culinary adventure into almond flour and its perfect use as a gluten-free alternative.

Buy it on Amazon! (*Purchasing this book via this affiliate link will kick back a small percentage of money to Stuffed Pepper, helping to support our work).


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