Top 3 Tips for Getting Started on the Gluten-Free and Paleo Diet

You know you should do it, but you’re afraid you can’t. Or you’ve tried many times, but you can never really follow through. There’s no doubt about it. If you’ve eaten bread and grains all your life, as most of us have, then going gluten and grain-free is no small feat. But you also know that the benefits of good health outweigh the difficulties of resisting temptation beyond comparison.
You’ve heard it said: “Nothing worth having comes easy.” (Does that mean the opposite is true? What comes easy isn’t worth having? Like that sugary, gluteny cookie calling you from that “secret” spot in the cabinet?). Yes, good health does take work. But once you get used to a new way of eating and a new way of being, there is no looking back.  Its your choice. Which path will you follow? The easy road to illness, or the more difficult one that will WILL eventually reward you for all your efforts.
You owe it to yourself to give it a *real* try. And trust me, when you do, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after just the first month. So come on. Its time to take the plunge and begin your gluten-free, grain-free diet for real this time. These 3 tips will help you get started.
3 Tips for Starting a Gluten- and Grain-Free Diet
1) Call on a friend or loved one. Enlist the help of your best mate to get you started on the path. Support from someone you love make its a lot easier. If you don’t think you can find someone in your immediate circle to help you out, visit us in the forum. We’re here for support, too!

2) Make a plan!  Here are tips for creating your own meal plan, or if you like, try out our one-week meal plan, which comes free with a membership to Stuffed Pepper. If you want more inspiration, try our one of our one-month seasonally inspired meal plans. Or if you need extra encouragement (and its ok if you do!) you can get step-by-step help, complete with weekly grocery lists, meal plans, recipes and community support, with our program, 30 Days to a Whole, New Gluten-Free You.™ 
3) Set a date. I don’t care if its tomorrow, or next month. Maybe not next year – that leaves too much room for procrastination. 🙂 But set a date now, and commit to it. Allow yourself a few days to get mentally prepared if you need to. And if you decide you want to do our 30 Day Program, you will still get to decide your start date. So you can purchase now, and write your start date on your calendar. 
What are you waiting for? There’s nothing like the present to make a new start for yourself. So jump right in!


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