Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat

Recently, it seems as though I can’t eat anything. I have an allergy to soy and dairy, and now it seems that grains, legumes and even refined sugar all give me problems, too. So by default, I’ve started eating “paleo”. If you don’t know what paleo means, its refers to the anthropological era of paleolithic man (“cave man”), before agriculture came on the scene. So this means no grains, no dairy and no legumes. Many people choose this diet as a way to lose weight and stay fit, and so also cut out carbs altogether. But is there anything left to eat?

Enter, Well Fed. While there are lots of paleo cookbooks out there, this one caught my eye because its inspired by a worldly array of cuisine. From Italy and the Middle East, to North Africa, Thailand, and the US. Your taste buds will never get bored!

Most of the recipes are simple to make. And with her selection of sauces and seasonings, you can turn any group of ingredients into something packed with flavor and wholly satisfying. Melissa does address how to plan for a busy week. Instead of hastily reacting to the hunger pangs of your family, with a little advance preparation over the weekend, you can actually whip together many of the recipes in a short amount of time. She shows you how.

I also love that for each recipe, she gives you ideas of what to pair it with, as well as ways in which you could adapt the recipe with different flavors. And she leaves you space to make your own notes, so that you can really make the recipe your own.

I enjoyed every recipe that I tried. Even the homemade mayonnaise, which was the first time I had ever made it. Her instructions were clear and it worked perfectly! Why go back to store bought again? This is easy, inexpensive and tastes way better!

My favorite dish was, without a doubt, the Shepherd’s Pie. The delectable blend of coconut oil with lamb, makes sure that there are never any leftovers of this casserole in our house! But the Cinnamon Beef Stew is also super delicious and already mouth watering enough, before you top it with orange garlicky gremolata.

We often use spaghetti squash as a vehicle to top our favorite pasta sauces with. But I never thought of using it for Pad Thai. It was perfect! It had that distinctive tangy, Thai flavor, and the way the squash soaked up her Sunshine Sauce with sweet snap peas and grilled shrimp, kept me coming back for more. This quickly became another favorite in our house.

Are you looking for a way to eat less potatoes? Her smashed cauliflower with chives and coconut milk is a perfectly satisfying replacement. Or try the the jicama “potato” salad or home fries, if you have a slow cooker. Her cauliflower “pilaf” with raisins and pine nuts makes a perfect accompaniment to the “courageous and spicy” Salmon a L’afrique du Nord, which I adore. And the Velvety Butternut Squash is like a spicy pumpkin custard that would make an excellent addition to your Thanksgiving table! Melissa also has some great paleo snacks and desserts, from sesame garlic nori chips  and baba ganoush, to caramelized coconut chips and peach almond crisp.

If you’ve been wanting to try paleo, I would highly recommend this cookbook. You won’t miss one single food on the list of those that you can’t eat (whether by choice or by default). You can even download a free sneak peak of some her recipes from her website. Go whet your appetite for more!

Buy it Amazon! (Purchasing this book through this affiliate link will kick back a small percentage of proceeds to Stuffed Pepper, helping us to further our work.)


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